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If you're looking for a place with positive vibes, chillout funky music, a green atmosphere, with the most international crowd in the city, you've just found it! The Garden Bar is a magical urban colorful hospitable garden on the pedestrianized street of Agios Minas and will definitely become your next hangout. Open from 7:30 to 2:00, visit us for a buffet breakfast, brunch with friends, some work at the laptop, a nice cup of coffee, business meetings, evening cocktails, prive parties and daytime specials throughout the day.




A day Garden

A cool, energetic non-smoking oasis on the most beautiful downtown pedestrian street for breakfast, brunch, coffee, cocktails and various treats for you, your friends, your business partners, your books, your family, and even your dog! Enjoy a luscious Mediterranean breakfast buffet, aromatic coffees, cool milk-shakes, sinful pancakes, countless colorful brunch options, fresh juices, fresh salads and our delicious lunch options

The name of the garden conveniently enough… THE GARDEN.

Breakfast 7.30 - 10.30

Brunch- Lunch- Dinner 10:30- 20:00 (TFS 10:30- 22:30)

When the night falls, it's time for you! Visit our colorful Garden for upbeat chilled music, fine wine list, cool cocktails, sumptuous season-inspired dishes, late brunch options and sinful desserts to end your day nicely at the most beautiful downtown spot.




Classic brunch dishes

Decadent Cheddar Pancakes / 7.5

Our extra-decadent savory pancakes with crunchy bacon, thick cheddar sauce and 2 eggs sunny side-up. Served with fresh green salad.

Croque Madame / 8.5

The ultimate comfort choice. Warm toasted bread, yellow cheese, ham and a rich béchamel sauce, covered by a golden sunny side-up egg. Served with fresh green salad.

Pacos Madness (2 ατόμων) / 15

We double-dare you: a pancake breakfast board with scrambled eggs, crunchy bacon slices, Greek sausage, cream cheese, smoked cheese, our homemade bacon marmalade, avocado slices & fresh vegetables.

Kayanas eggs on crusty focaccia / 7.5
Our homemade recipe for eggs kayana, with a hearty tomato sauce, crunchy green bell peppers, smoked bacon and crumbled feta cheese. Served on top of a crunchy focaccia bread and fresh green salad.

COLORS Salmon Avocado Bagel / 8.5

A crunchy COLORS bagel with smoked salmon, yummy avocado mousse, egg sunny side-up, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and fresh salad greens.


Double Trouble Chocolate Pancakes (Vegan) / 7

Chocolate pancakes with a rich sticky chocolate ganache, chocolate flakes and juicy red berries.

Light Lemon-Berry Pancakes / 7

Fluffy pancakes, in a light and creamy cheese-based lemon sauce and red berries*, sprinkled with icing sugar magic.

Sandwiches & Burgers

Our Chef’s Beef Burger / 10

A juicy, meaty 200gr beef patty grilled to taste, in a brioche bun, with crunchy sizzled bacon, thick cheddar sauce, fresh tomato & iceberg lettuce, drenched in cheddar sauce and tartare sauce. Served with homemade fries

Mean Bean Burger (Vegan) / 9

A juicy bean and lentil patty, with vegan cheese, pickled cucumber, our red Florina bell-pepper pesto, courgette, tomato, iceberg lettuce & homemade vegan mayonnaise. Served with homemade fries.

Chicken Sandwich / 9

A tender, BBQ-marinated sous-vide chicken thigh, served with crunchy sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce and our special mustard-mayo sauce. Served with fresh greens.


Green Tete Salad / 8

An exciting salad with baby spinach, valerian leaves, chicken apaki, crunchy koulouri, sweet potato puree, cashew nuts and anthotiro cheese drizzled with a zesty citrus dressing.

Quinoa Trilogy (Vegan) / 7

A trilogy of quinoa seeds, filleted orange, almond flakes, radish, cherry tomatoes and cucumber drizzled in a sweet and sour red-cherry juice dressing.


Smoked Cheese Kataifi / 5.5

A baked nest of kataifi filo with gooey Mastelo cheese, drizzled with sweet and sour olive jam.

Shrimp Bao Bun / 10

Three mouthwatering tempura shrimp* Bao Buns with green apple, cucumber, a light avocado mousse and a drizzle of our lemon sweet chilli sauce.

Main course

Velvet Chicken / 11

Tender chicken breast, stuffed with anthotiro cheese, sun-dried tomatoes & cashewnuts. Paired with velvet potato puree, baby carrots, caramelised bacon and chicken gravy.

Mediterranean Twisted Pasta (Vegetarian ή Vegan no cheese) / 8

A colorful dish of Cretan Skoufichta pasta in our luscious chunky tomato sauce with courgette, aubergine, olives, topped with crumbled feta cheese.

Mushroom Bao Buns (Vegan) / 8

Three fluffy Bao Buns with marinated pleurotus mushrooms, crisp vegetables, fresh coriander paired with a hoi sin sauce.



A deadly chocolate milkshake with a a tower of chocolate donut, whipped cream, chocolate and hazelnut wafer and chocolate sprinkles, feeling better yet?

YOOHOO!!! *Vegan

Mango milkshake with colorful funky cotton candy floss and juicy sweet pineapple chunks. Yummy!


Blueberry milkshake with layers of yummy donut, whipped cream and colorful sprinkles. We love you too!


Cool and colorful mango or blueberry popsicles with chucks of yummy, fresh seasonal fruits.


Madagascar vanilla milkshake with colorful fluo cotton candy floss and delicious twisted marshmallows, I kid you not!


PICCANTE (Περού / Peru)

Feeling adventurous? Fine-cut pieces of bitter chocolate with red hot chili pepper on a scoop of velvet Madagascar vanilla or milk chocolate ice cream.

MINERVA (Ελλάδα / Greece) *Chef’s choice

Extra virgin olive oil, fleur de sel and citrus fruit zest on a scoop of velvet Madagascar vanilla ice cream.

POLVERE (Ιταλία / Italy)

Freshly-ground Arabica espresso coffee on a scoop of velvet Madagascar vanilla ice cream.


Crispy caramelized bacon and sweet maple syrup on top of velvet Madagascar vanilla ice cream. Wow!

VEGANA (Βιρμανία / Burma) *Vegan

Vegetable cream and aromatic fresh mint leaves on a scoop of tangy blueberry or mango sorbet.



Salty popcorn and sticky butterscotch caramel syrup on top of 2 ice cream scoops of choice.


Crumbles of soft dough biscuits, chocolate hazelnut praline, chocolate sprinkles and 2 ice cream scoops of choice.


Crispy corn flakes, coconut puree and colorful sprinkles on top of 2 ice cream scoops of choice.


Homemade granola mix, maple syrup, freshcut banana and 2 ice cream scoops of choice.


Juicy, fresh chunks of seasonal fruit and amongst them? 2 Scoops of dreamy ice cream!

Aegean Spritz (fresh) / 8

Eoliki mastic Liquer, dry vermouth, Aegean tonic, spearmint leaves, fresh lemon juice.

Beautiful Dreamers (sweet & sour) / 8

Beefeater Gin*, passion fruit, spearmint leaves, fresh lime juice, cinammon syrup.

Ginger Basil Smash (sour - fresh) / 8

Beefeater Gin*, ginger, lime juice, fresh basil leaves.

Greek Mastiha Sour (sweet & sour) / 8

Εoliki mastic Liquer, fresh lime juice, rich meringue.

Rum Blast (sweet & sour) / 8

Havana Club* dark Rum, Cointreau liquer, mandarin puree, guava syrup, lime juice.

Spicy Dreams (sweet & sour) / 8

Dark & white Havana Club Rum*, Red Bull, ginger, fresh lemon juice.

Summer Punch (sweet & sour) / 8

Beefeater Gin*, sugar-free Red Bull, green apple & strawberry puree, fresh lime juice.

Flowers in your Glass (fresh - sweet) / 8.5

Absolut Vodka, Eoliki liquer, lemon juice, elderflower, fresh basil leaves.

Our Last Word (sour) / 8.5

Beefeater Gin*, Luxardo maraschino liquer, Chartreuse green herb liquer, fresh lemon juice.

Scottish Fire (sweet & sour) / 8.5

Ballantine’s Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, Ceylon cinnamon, hot water.


  • beckybD2328UE
    Couldn't recommend this place any more 10/10 - location was super central, decor was really cool, the food was to DIE FOR (best meals we had were there) and the manager Katerina is the sweetest! If you're seeing this, you're the best - from the Malta crew!
  • TravellerYW26
    We had a great brunch at The Garden Bar!. The staff is very friendly and polite. We loved the cheddar pancakes and the shrimp Bao Buns!. It is situated in a small pedestrian street in the center of the city. We totally recommend it for a quick lunch break or a meal out with friends
  • Thomitats
    Magnificent place!The food was so delicious. The best beef burger I've ever tasted. Great atmosphere and cocktails!
  • Amaliathe
    Best brunch experience ever!!!best mocktails in town!!! Don't miss out on the opportunity to visit it!!
  • 397tennillec
    Amazing experience- From the restaurant design to service and food. Couldn’t find anything negative to say about this place. Worth visiting!
  • Felicia T
    The restaurant is very beautiful nice ambiente&the food was amazing!! You have to visit this restaurant if you here in thessaloniki
    Felicia T


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